Mercer "0 years world cost of living survey - city ranking"

Jordan's security? Prices? Basic information Summary of Jordan travel

Mercer "0 years world cost of living survey - city ranking" Jordan, with a population of about 00,000 of the more people the countries in the Middle East, Israel and the contact across the Dead Sea, is said near the half of the Palestinian refugees and their descendants. In addition, in recent years so has swept the thousands of Syrian refugees, it is the current situation where support from the country has been demanded. Jordan price is cheaper Jordan prices are cheap when compared to Japan, such as drinks at the store where local people attend is a good idea if you buy. On the other hand, in the facilities such as tourist destination of restaurants visited by tour groups, it seems to be wine and beer has become the pricing of the increase compared with Japan. In addition, because if you want to move by taxi to Amman city is a thing that can go anywhere at about 00 yen, if you want to move in a civil sense I think convenient or cheap. Jordan of security is relatively safe Relatively safe tourist easy to Jordan in the Middle East of the country.

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