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What kind of place I Qatar? Security is? Prices? Basic information

Mercer "0 years world cost of living survey - city ranking" Qatar's prices? Security is? Other useful basic information summary Qatar is the venue of the 2.0 years of the World Cup. In recent years through the Qatar, also it has an increasing number of people who travel to Europe and Africa from Japan. But I think some people that such a trip [want to try out on the town because the transfer time is a lot] [I want to see the World Cup venue], but it is much anxiety a little mystery and say the Middle East of Qatar. Author of Qatar resident th year for such people is, to be able to travel to Qatar with peace of mind, we summarized the basic information of the State of Qatar! Where is I Qatar? The area and population? Qatar is a small country located on the Arabian Peninsula facing the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf). Qatar's capital Doha. Neighboring countries are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, is the United Arab Emirates. Area, in square kilometers, equivalent to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout the same as the Akita Prefecture. The population is about million people, but Qatar who is of which the local people do not have only about 0.

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